The Right Way to Catch a Tuna

Bluefin tuna typically aren’t always the easiest fish to catch. Based upon our experience we’ve added someĀ tuna fishing techniques listed below if you choose to head out on a watercraft on your own.

The Bluefin tuna is a migratory fish so they are just present around Australia throughout March-July yearly. You have a far better possibility of capturing them if you fish throughout the height of the season. Based on our encounter this is normally around April-June each year. Depending upon your lattitude you want to make sure the primary institution is around when you are there. They move from West to East. Inspect fishing credit reports around Port Macdonnell, Rose city, Port Fairy, Warnambool etc

Range from coast
While you can catch Big Eye Tuna, Bonito and also Albacore closer to the shore, Bluefin are a much deeper diving fish as well as consequently they are much more easily caught offshore. We can travel approximately 50NM offshore to discover the schools. This is not to say you wont’ capture the periodic fish better to the coast given the appropriate conditions (e.g. southerly winds or currents pushing bait towards the shore will certainly bring in schooling fish). In fact, some of the largest tuna caught in Rose city have actually been caught close to the coast.

Some days the institution can be at reasonably deep depths, where as other days they can be almost faultying the surface as they feed. Excellent anglers will certainly differ the deepness of their gears and mix it up in order to evaluate what is working as well as what isn’t on any kind of particular day. Tuna will swim to the surface area in pursuit of the fish they prey on. Watch out for schools of bait fish and area your lines near to them if you can.

Rigs and also Lure
The all-natural prey offers you a great indication of just what bait to make use of or duplicate making use of lures. Squid, sprat, pilchards and also other lure fish go to the top of a Bluefin Tuna’s menu checklist. We make use of a mix of heavy addicted all-natural bait and synthetic squid-like trolling appeals relying on the day. Mix it up for maximum results yet you most definitely intend to be trolling for tuna not stalling.

We have caught huge tuna on moderately bad weather days. Do not presume that a day devoid of clouds will certainly indicate the fish are biting. Like any type of fish, high wind and incredibly harsh seas could hamper fish feeding and also therefore the possibility of catching fish.

Diving Birds
Search for birds such as ‘Terns’ diving into the water in chase of the bait fish. If there’s an institution of bait fish, more often then not there are circling around flocks of birds diving into the water and the tuna will be swimming up from the mid layer of water to feed on the bait fish. Troll along side the institution then cut in front of the school so your lures intermingle that the bait fish without running over the institution and interrupting its development. Repeat, repeat as well as repeat.